The Queen Of Indie-Rock

The Queen Of Indie-Rock

The well-known English musician Polly Jean Harvey started her career with the band Automatic Dlamini in the early 1990s. Shortly after that, the PJ Harvey trio emerged and was named after her. The debut album “Dry” marked the beginning of a unique career that made Harvey the uncrowned queen of indie-rock. Since then, she has […]


Popular Myths Concerning Rock Music

There are many misconceptions about rock and roll. It may be because many people have associated it with evil, such as drugs and sexual activities. The misconceptions make rock and roll something that many legends and myths originate from usually. The most myths and legends are about rock and roll’s more well-known practitioners. In the […]

Rock Music History

The Rock Music History

Rock music has a specific trend attached to it. The ever-changing and unrefined nature of the genre attracted several additions to be attributed to its unpredictable nature. Over time, the genre has reached heights of popularity with the masses since the early 1940s. Defining the genre with a straightforward approach is tough. Every rock music […]

Bo Diddley

What is Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll was founded in the United States at the end of the Second World War. The late 1940s and the early 1950s were the time that the music emerged, and it had far reaching consequences on the music industry. Without rock and roll none of the other rock genres would have been seen. […]