Roskilde Festival

Rock Festivals in Europe

When summer approaches in Europe, it signals the start of the rock festival season. Some like Glastonbury Festival are world famous, popular, the tickets are expensive, and they are sold out in hours. However, there are festivals that are far more understated while still providing the outdoor experience for many followers. One of the oldest […]


Rock bands from Yorkshire

There have been numerous rock bands and rock performers that have emanated from the English county of Yorkshire. Within the county there are many large urban working class settlements and they have proved to be the ideal locations for these musicians to grow up in. Robert Palmer was born in Batley in in 1949 and […]


Ireland and its rock hands

Ireland despite it being a relatively small populated country has produced a large number of bands and individual musicians over the years. The strong folk music in the country has been successfully mixed with rock to create its own unique sounds. Few musicians can boast a career as long as Van Morrison’s. Hailing from Belfast […]